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Carpet Care

newgenerationhotwaterextract Average customer rating:

Hot Water Extraction Shampoo Gal.

Specially formulated for today's "steam type" hot water extraction machines. It's non-foaming, free rinsing and safe to use on synthetic or wool carpets.

Light soils: 1 oz:1-1/2 gal. of water
Normal soils: 1 oz:1 gal. of water
Heavy sols: 2-4 ozs:1 gal. of water

certprespray Average customer rating:

Traffic Spotter Pint

Certified Traffic Spotter is the ideal pre-spray treatment for heavily soiled areas. Its unique formulation makes it most effective for use on both oil and water spots, stains and soil. Traffic Spotter has been proven by many professional carpet cleaners. Spray on soiled carpet to loosen both oil soluble and water soluble spots for easier removal during restorative cleaning. pH of use dilution is approximately 10.0.

protect Average customer rating:

Protect Carpet Protector Gallon

PROTECT Carpet & Upholstery is a new generation formulation. It is designed specifically for superior performance and durability for protecting nylon, polyester, wool and acrylic carpeting and upholstery. It imparts exceptional soil release performance, along with dry soil resistance with water & oil repellency. It forms an invisible shield to help keep dirt and soil from lodging itself within the fibers. Keeps carpeting and upholstery looking newer longer. PROTECT holds up to heavy foot traffic and frequent vacuuming. Can be used on stain warranted carpets.

shampoo6 Average customer rating:

New generation carpet shampoo

New generation carpet shampoo

precond Average customer rating:

New generation carpet and upholstery preconditioner

New generation carpet and upholstery...

certenhancer Average customer rating:

Color Brightener Enhance Gallon

A water based, fluorescent optical brightener, Certified Color Brightener is an easy-to-use product that makes good cleaning look even better. Restores original luster and sheen to fabrics. Enhances brightness of whites and pastel shades and masks potential yellowing. . Improves appearance by coating the fibers. pH of use dilution 7-8.

cert-fast-acting-d1 Average customer rating:

D-1 Fast Acting Dry Spotter

D-1 is a dry solvent, evaporates completely and quickly, leaves NO residue and should be used on the following types of stains: asphalts, light greases, auto oils, chewing gum, shoe polish, fresh tar, floor wax, crayons, most oily stains.

certdefoamer Average customer rating:

Defoamer Liquid Pint

Controls foam residue left in carpet from previous cleaning. Use Formula DF Defoamer when extraction cleaning carpets that have been shampooed, foam cleaned or bonnet-maintained excessively. Formula DF Defoamer is easily dispersed in hot or cold water. Formula DF Defoamer is very highly concentrated for economy.

browning Average customer rating:

Browning treatment

Browning treatment pH 4.0-4.5 rtu

hdpre Average customer rating:

Heavy duty preconditioner

Heavy duty preconditioner

No image set Average customer rating:

Fast dry upholstery shampoo pH-7

Fast dry upholstery shampoo pH-7

No image set Average customer rating:

Haitian cotton shampoo

Haitian cotton shampoo pH 5.0-5.5

No image set Average customer rating:

Hydroxi Pro Carpet Cleaning Crystal

Hydroxi Pro Carpet Cleaning Crystal

Carpet & Rug Shampoo


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Center Pull Dispenser - Smoked w/Gray


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Video & Monitor Cleaner


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Bio-Clean 20 oz Water Stain Remover


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