Multi-Clean Century Maintenance Cleaner Exceptional Cleaning Power Neutral: pH 7 Rinse Free Environmentally Responsible Century Maintenanc.. Product #: MC-C910573-GAL

Century Maintenance Cleaner

Century Maintenance Cleaner

Brand: Multi-Clean

Exceptional Cleaning Power

Penetrates and suspends soils for efficient cleaning by automatic scrubbing or damp mopping. Great for use in UHS Programs.

Neutral: pH 7

Non-alkaline formula means glossy fl oors will not be dulled and Century is safe for all surfaces not harmed by water. Can be used on polished marble-stone surfaces.

Rinse Free

Does not leave a fi lm, no extra rinse step needed. The excellent wetting and surface tension reduction allows Century to be used as an eff ective rinse aid after stripping.

Environmentally Responsible

Century Maintenance Cleaner contains biodegradable surfactants and is not formulated with VOC's, butyl, petroleum derived solvents, NPE's or phosphates.

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